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David Yu

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Articles by David Yu:

  • About

    About Coders for Causes and Blog

    by David Yu

    About us

  • Best Practices Production Express Apps
    express best-practices

    Best Practices for Express Apps

    by David Yu

    Best practices in production Express apps

  • Billion Dollar Startup

    Join the Next Billion Dollar Startup

    by David Yu

    Startup Canva pops off

  • Programming Landscape
    2018 programming-landscape

    Break Down of Current Programming Landscape

    by David Yu

    Current programming landscape as of 2018

  • SQL Database URL
    sql database-url

    Break Down of a Database URL

    by David Yu

    Break down of mysql database url

  • CFC Project Learnings
    cfc projects

    CFC Project Learnings

    by David Yu

    CFC project learnings for 2019

  • Common Laravel Mistakes
    laravel common-mistakes

    Simple Common Laravel Mistakes

    by David Yu

    Common mistakes for Laravel

  • Mosaic
    mosaic html css

    Create a Mosaic in HTML and CSS

    by David Yu

    Guide to making a mosaic in HTML and CSS

  • Mongoose
    mongoose delete-documents

    How to Delete Documents with Mongoose

    by David Yu

    Deleting documents with mongoose

  • Douglas Crockford
    ideal-programming-language javascript

    Douglas Crockford Notes

    by David Yu

    Notes on the ideal programming language by Douglas Crockford

  • Laravel events
    laravel events explaination

    Understanding Events in Laravel

    by David Yu

    Explaination on events in Laravel

  • Export MongoDB
    mongodb export

    How to Export in MongoDB

    by David Yu

    Exporting in MongoDB

  • Serverless
    serverless discussion

    Should You Use Serverless?

    by David Yu

    Is serverless worth to use?

  • Free stuff
    free-stuff students

    Free stuff for students

    by David Yu

    What are some free stuff you can get as a student?

  • GraphQL

    GraphQL Hype

    by David Yu

    What's the hype around GraphQL

  • Website hosting
    website hosting

    How to move your website to a new hosting provider

    by David Yu

    Website hosting providers and switching

    https aws

    Setting up HTTPS on AWS

    by David Yu

    How to setup HTTPS on AWS

  • sql remotely
    mysql import-data

    How to Import MySQL Data Remotely

    by David Yu

    Importing MySQL data remotely

  • Introduction to CFC projects
    introduction beginner-friendly

    Introduction to CFC projects

    by David Yu

    Introduction the Coders For Causes club on UWA!

  • React website
    react beginner

    Look into React Website

    by David Yu

    Looking at making websites in React

  • Software tools
    software-tools set-up

    My software tools

    by David Yu

    Looking at David's software tools

  • Lessons Learnt
    cfc lessons-learnt

    Lessons Learnt & Looking at the future and past of CFC

    by David Yu

    Looking at what I have learnt while at CFC

  • Insert HTML JS
    js html

    Nice Way to Insert HTML using Pure JavaScript

    by David Yu

    How to insert HTML using pure JS

  • Material frameworks
    material frameworks

    The Most Popular Material Frameworks

    by David Yu

    List of popular material frameworks

  • Resources for web dev
    web-dev resources

    Useful Resources for Web Dev

    by David Yu

    List of resources for web development

  • Resolving pip issues
    pip python

    Solving Pip Install Issue

    by David Yu

    How to solve pip install issues

  • Little tricks with axios
    axios javascript

    Little Trick with Axios

    by David Yu

    Tricks with Axios

  • Jetbrains shortcut
    jetbrains ide

    Useful Jetbrains Shortcuts

    by David Yu

    List of useful Jetbrains shortcuts

  • Weekly learnings
    javascript learnings web-dev

    Weekly Learnings May 17th

    by David Yu

    Weekly learnings for the 17th of May 2019

  • Weekly learnings
    javascript learnings web-dev

    Weekly Learnings 23rd of May

    by David Yu

    Weekly learnings for the 23rd of May 2019