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career webdev

Light at end of the pipeline

The journey of my hate towards web development and how overtime I saw the beauty in it and eventually turning it to my career

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React website
react beginner

A Look Into the React Website

Looking at making websites in React

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CFC Project Learnings
cfc projects

CFC Project Learnings

CFC project learnings for 2019

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Introduction to CFC projects
introduction beginner-friendly cfc

Introduction to CFC projects

Introduction the Coders For Causes club on UWA!

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Weekly learnings
javascript learnings web-dev

Weekly Learnings 23rd of May

Weekly learnings for the 23rd of May 2019

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Weekly learnings
javascript learnings web-dev

Weekly Learnings May 17th

Weekly learnings for the 17th of May 2019

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Software tools
software-tools set-up

My software tools

Looking at David's software tools

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GraphQL Hype

What's the hype around GraphQL

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mosaic html css

Create a Mosaic in HTML and CSS

Guide to making a mosaic in HTML and CSS

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Lessons Learnt
cfc lessons-learnt

Lessons Learnt & Looking at the future and past of CFC

Looking at what I have learnt while at CFC

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Website hosting
website hosting

How to move your website to a new hosting provider

Website hosting providers and switching

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serverless discussion

Should You Use Serverless?

Is serverless worth to use?

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Jetbrains shortcut
jetbrains ide

Useful Jetbrains Shortcuts

List of useful Jetbrains shortcuts

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Little tricks with axios
axios javascript

Little Trick with Axios

Tricks with Axios

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Resolving pip issues
pip python

Solving Pip Install Issue

How to solve pip install issues

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Resources for web dev
web-dev resources

Useful Resources for Web Dev

List of resources for web development

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Material frameworks
material frameworks

The Most Popular Material Frameworks

List of popular material frameworks

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Insert HTML JS
js html

Nice Way to Insert HTML using Pure JavaScript

How to insert HTML using pure JS

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sql remotely
mysql import-data

How to Import MySQL Data Remotely

Importing MySQL data remotely

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https aws

Setting up HTTPS on AWS

How to setup HTTPS on AWS

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Export MongoDB
mongodb export

How to Export in MongoDB

Exporting in MongoDB

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Laravel events
laravel events explaination

Understanding Events in Laravel

Explaination on events in Laravel

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Douglas Crockford
ideal-programming-language javascript

Douglas Crockford Notes

Notes on the ideal programming language by Douglas Crockford

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mongoose delete-documents

How to Delete Documents with Mongoose

Deleting documents with mongoose

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Common Laravel Mistakes
laravel common-mistakes

Simple Common Laravel Mistakes

Common mistakes for Laravel

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SQL Database URL
sql database-url

Break Down of a Database URL

Break down of mysql database url

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Programming Landscape
2018 programming-landscape

Break Down of Current Programming Landscape

Current programming landscape as of 2018

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Best Practices Production Express Apps
express best-practices

Best Practices for Express Apps

Best practices in production Express apps

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Free stuff
free-stuff students

Free stuff for students

What are some free stuff you can get as a student?

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